Get your dream motorsport design created for FREE


So you have had a look through our range and you havent found the exact design that you are after?  Well don’t worry.  At Racing Threads we have a Plan B for you.

We are always looking for new inspiration so if you have a specific design in mind, simply let us know what it is and we can create it for you.  COMPLETELY FREE!!!!

Thats right.  What we would do is take your suggestion and create a new t-shirt design for it.  It then gets added to our existing range, we let you know when it is live and you can purchase it from there (just as you would normally) and we can then use that design in our store for the future.  We can even name the design after you (unless you have a silly name)


Simply email to let us know what you are after.


Please note that due to demand and/or the complexity of the suggestions, we may not be able to accept all requests.

  • With our beginnings in Bonnie Scotland, Racing Threads is a global trading company that designs and sells our motorsport inspired clothing at a sensible price. Our designs are bespoke and created by us. We only print onto high quality clothing and nothing gets designed or sold unless we would wear it ourselves.